The ACN Scam: ACN Business Opportunity Exposed!

Is ACN scam? Let’s find out!

ACN-PartnersA couple of Saturdays ago, we were invited by a friend to accompany her in attending a certain “home-based business orientation”, saying that she wanted to “check it out ” and asked if we too are open to opportunities. Knowing that it’s going to be another GRQ network marketing business workshop, Neth (my wife) gave an excuse. Not to disappoint that friend, I went on and attended the orientation.

It turned out, it was ACN. Now, I’ve reasearched the ACN business opportunity a couple of years ago but it’s just not a good cut for me but I stayed, listened intently and asked questions.

As a self-employed entrepreneur, who’s bootstrapped a home-based business from scratch, I know that 90% of what was presented was BS.

The ACN Business System

  1. You get invited (to an undisclosed business opportunity workshop)
  2. You attend the orientation
  3. Fill out a registration form (and pay $499.00) to begin with. This does NOT include any product or service subscription whatsoever. It’s straight up membership fee.
  4. As a new business owner, you’re not allowed to say anything to your warm contacts. You just set them up for a business orientation meeting with a strict instruction of NOT mentioning the company name.
  5. You bring in two friends or relatives each time you go to a meeting and they’l do the presentation for you.
  6. After you bring two (if those two signed up) it’ll be their turn to bring two people to this opportunity meetings, so really, to build your business with them, you just have to bring two people in.
  7. Once you have 198 people on your left and right leg, you should be earning a whooping $11,000.00 a month in passive income.

Okay, it’s a good system that they do have in place. Lure people in with the business opportunity (money), tell people how easy it is and that someone else will do the work for them so these people in turn will  switch their cable, internet, phone and even hydro services to ACN. In essence, they pirate customers from Cable and phone companies then reconnect people with these same product providers. The difference, people can earn money from the very services they already use.

Now, 75% of people worldwide like the idea of being in business for themselves to finally quit jobs so people will get lured in with the business opportunity. Only problem is you’ll have to buy the services yourself (after paying the joining fee) and if you only bought the basic (3) services, your income is limited, you’l have to upgrade (or add more services) to increase your potential income. In short, to make more money, you’ll have to spend more yourself, then motivate your team members to spend more in order for you to recoup your monthly expenses. It’s like having a monthly auto-ship just in this case, it’s monthly billing for al the services.

Making money from the services you already use is a good idea as long as those services isn’t overpriced. This seem to be the major flaw of the ACN business opportunity and why people think it’s a scam. You tell me to switch my services so I can make money off them, which otherwise I wouldn’t make with regular service providers but I will have to pay higher for those services which are dependent on the service providers that I already deal with without any middlemen.

To make money with it, I should share this opportunity with two of my contact who in turn will share it with two contacts of their own – @ $499.00 membership, how many two’s would you have to bring before one signs up? Remember, that $499 is just a joining fee, you’ll have to subscribe for a service where you’d pay a monthly fee to qualify for the basic compensation, upgrade your services if you want to make more money.

“It’s Easy, Just Bring Two”

Last time I checked, building a business isn’t as easy as recruiting people.

If someone tells you that you’re going to be able to quit your job simply by bringing two people to business opportunity presentation, run away from that person and never look back. That’s what I did, well, sort of!

A sustainable business isn’t that simple… It takes work to build a business, the problem with most business opportunities is that they make people believe that they’re going to be successful even without lifting a finger – again, starting a business requires work and if you really want to be successful in any business, whether tradition brick and mortar, network marketing or online business, you should start with the right mindset and accept the fact that you’ll be working twice as hard than when you’re simply working a 9-5 job.

For the purpose of this article, I didn’t want to judge the whole ACN business opportunity from the context of the “homebased business presentation” I’ve attended alone to help others who are seriously considering to build a business out of the ACN business system make a well-informed decision on whether or NOT ACN is the right business opportunity for them, so if you’re here because you’re searching for ACN reviews to confirm whether or not it’s a scam. I hope that this article will serve you well.

What Is ACN

ACN started as a telecommunications marketing company, kind of a distribution system for companies like Bell and Shaw. Nowadays, they’ve branched out to marketing other home services like home security and energy.

ACN, Inc. is a network marketing company (MLM) that distributes the services of their clients (service providers) through an army of independent sales agents, who themselves are subscribers of the services through ACN.

To sell, and build a big business, these ACN reps should recruit people to be part of their sales network who would be sold same services and pay monthly fees, from which the upline’s passive income would come from.

To become an “Independent Business Owner”, you should pay a membership fee of $499.00 plus tax, afterwhich you’ll have to subscribe or switch your existing services to them – TV and phone subscription (with ACN) in Canada costs $70.00 a month and your monthly fee will go upwards with additional services of course.

The ACN Business Model


The gist of the whole ACN business model can be summed up by the line on the image above. You get paid monthly residual income from the services your customers avail but there’s more to the ACN business model than that.

As mentioned and as you may already know, ACN is a network marketing company that contracts home services like phone, security, cable, internet, etc.

When you become part of the ACN network of independent business owners, you’ll be making money off your client’s subscription, what I don’t like about the approach though is that you’ll have to lure your warm market into the business opportunity to close them on the services.

If it isn’t known to you, the services you’ll avail through ACN is a bit overpriced which makes it a bit of a challenge if you try to sell the services on their own, which means people don’t really buy the products or the services from ACN because they need them as they can get the cheaper somewhere else – people actually buy the products because they’re lured in by the business opportunity.

ACN Marketing Plan

ACN thrives on warm markets. When you join in, you’ll have to invite your friends and relatives to attend a business orientation. You’re instructed not to mention the company name (shady) and you are not to talk about the opportunity ’till you’re promoted to trainor level. You’re job as a new associate is simply to bring in people into the business opportunity meetings – in essence, you don’t really sell the products or services the company distributes, you’re more of a business opportunity marketer or “recruiter”. When you successfully register people into the program which costs $499.00, the new associates will then have to switch their services, it’s not a requirement but of course, you can’t sell what you don’t use yourself as you’re the endorser. If you want to promote yourself and make more money, you’ll have to avail more services, which to me is a bit questionable – while it’s true that you have to spend money to make money, spending more by switching more of your home services may not be a lucrative business plan.

Compensation Plan





Click here for the ACN Compensation Plan Overview (PDF)

Final Thoughts

First off, ACN as a company (by law) isn’t a scam, there’s not an indication anywhere on their websites or sales collaterals that the income projected are guaranteed and they point in clearly on their compensation plan and promotional guidelines that commissions are only earned for each qualified customer purchase, overrides are bonus in a way if you look at it this way but it’s a different story when you attend one of their business opportunity presentations wherein the Get Rich Quick face comes into play.

When you join in as a member and part-with your hard earned $499.00 You will be tasked to set up appointments with people who will in turn part-with their hard-earned $499.00 to be part of the program, whom will avail of the home services marketed so you could build your passive income. People who wants to earn money from the system, of course wouldn’t have a problem paying higher fees for the services they already enjoy through the service providers as they’re going to make money anyway.

What I don’t like about the whole ACN business opportunity is that you’ll have to lure in people to continuously pay higher costs for the services they can get at a lower price so you can build your passive income. Think conscience!

Fore me, there are a lot of other ways to build a home based business without losing all your friends and relatives by telling them half-truth about a business opportunity like this.

A sustainable business should have products or services that sells even without the business opportunity component. Remember, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone – building a business, takes time, some money and a whole lot of persistence.

To build a true home based business, you should change your mindset about business and avoid get rich quick business opportunities. It isn’t just about the money that you’re going to make but about the value that you’re going to provide to your target market. If you think ACN delivers that value, then this business opportunity may be right for you.

All a day’s work is done

When your day has come to end, all a day’s work is done.
Even though your thoughts tell you that lots more need accomplished
and you feel that nothing has been done by day end,
all a day’s work is done.

Relax, close your eyes, breathe, and drift for all a day’s work is done.
You did your best today, don’t worry for things unaccomplished.
Your work for the day is done.

Sleep like a child tonight for tomorrow’s another day
Like you did today, you will seize the morrow ’till day end
but when it comes to end, pat yourself on the back
for all a day’s work is done.

Whenever you feel weary at day end,
remind yourself that all a day’s work is done.
Nothing else should occupy one’s thoughts; it’s time to retire.
Sleep deeply and rejuvenate oneself.

10 Things I Hate About A Job

  1. Being forced to be someone else

    In most cases, you have to pretend to be someone else (or even go to the extent of lying about your background, work history, qualifications or personality) right from the interview.After which, you have to continuously pretend to be someone else when you’re at work. Leading you to live multiple personalities when you’re at work and when you’re with friends or family.Facebook was created around the idea that you should be the same person at work, at home, at school or wherever you are and your employer (or anyone else) should accept you for who you are. If your employer has a problem with what you post in your own profile, then you’re in a wrong job!

  2. The Corporate Ladder

    The corporate ladder is a myth, at least the top-most position is! In most cases, the highest position that you can grab as an employee is “VP” or “Vice President” but then as you know, not everyone gets to be “VP” in someone else’ company.Even if you’re lucky enough to get into the VP level, as an employee, you’re still one wink away from losing your job and don’t get caught up with the corporate BS as your VP position could be the highest position that you can get because, believe it or not – the proponents of the CEO or President position are usually family members or family friends of the founding owners if not the owners themselves.For top corporations, these positions may be available for grabs but before you go dreaming – check out if the position will be vacated in your lifetime first; if the position is currently held by someone whose within your age range, the position will only be available in case of the person’s untimely death.

  3. Job security myth

    Job security what?? Job security is dead… or it may never have existed in the first place! It was just an idea capitalized by those who wanted to make money off someone else’ hard work and talent.Those who knows profit the most and those who seek security, profits the least. The job security myth has trapped hundreds of thousands of talented and creative men and women in a lifetime of job stagnation.Job security forces you to wake up in the morning and drag yourself to work even though, deep down your soul, you know that you despise the thought of having to spend another hour at your work place.The illusion of job security seeds FEAR to most. Don’t let this illusion stop you in fulfilling your goals.To quote:If you listen to your fears, you will die NOT knowing what a great person you might have been…

  4. No real control of how much you make

    The most successful people in the world had full control of their finances and of how much they make in their chosen career.  This is hard to do in a job as your income is solely dependent on how much your boss think you’re worth.No matter how hard working and talented you are, your boss may think otherwise and that limits your income tremendously. If you know you can make more, go out there and get yourself a raise – start a part time venture and transition all your efforts into it once it starts replacing your full time income from a job.

  5. No Time Freedom

    Time freedom is a big thing for people like me – I hate the thought of being trapped in an office for eight hours everyday, I hate calling in sick every single that I’m unable to work, and I hate the fact that I have to ask for a permission from someone else so I get to spend some time with my family.I want to be able to define my own vacation days, go to the park with my kid when everyone else are working or just stay home and bond with my family anytime I wanted to.

  6. Limits Your Talents and Creativity

    A job limits your talents and creativity to nil. You are only to do what you are told or risk being fired.Last time I checked, I’m a free thinking human being equipped with talents and wit.If I work at a job that limits my creativity for twenty or so years, I already know that I will die as a very very dull and boring person and die early due to work stress.

  7. Makes You Dull

    Relatively, if your job limits your talent and skills to what your functions are – you are more of a machine than a thinking human being.This makes you dull and builds up a habit of non-thinking. As a person, you can achieve anything you set out to achieve but once you get into the habit of non-thinking, everything else will be impossible.
  8. It’s Stagnant

    95% of the world’s population will retire poor. This is because 95% of all people are trapped in a job. It’s a proven fact that if you’re just working for someone else, you will not achieve your financial goals. Well, this is not to say that you should quit your job right now but as a thinking individual, and you already know that clinging on a job means that you’re going to be trapped on it all your life and being part of those who will retire broke then you know that something must be done to avoid a lifetime of job stagnation.

  9. Office Politics

    This is probably the one that I hate the most. I hate dealing with people I don’t like – it’s not good for the soul. In an office situation, it’s almost impossible to avoid an annoying work mate if you’re working in one team or if the person is your immediate superior.This is also counter-productive since, in most cases the person you hate also hates the fact of having to work with you.
  10. Pays the bills but you won’t get rich

    A job will pay the bill, will help you pay for shelter and food but it’s a proven fact that you won’t get rich in a job.Think of your job only as a means to and end. Do your job well as it’s what you’re getting paid for but as Robert Kiyosaki said, “start minding your own business”!

SBI Finally Threw In The Towel With BizExpress

If you’re still deciding whether to go with WordPress or SiteBuildIt!, stop for a moment and READ!

Why NOT use both?

Yes, Sitesell, finally threw in the towel! Ken finally recognized WordPress’ flexibility and extensibility when it comes to building and publishing websites, something that SiteBuildIt! was short of.

I personally started my first website with SiteBuildIt! and honestly, modifying the look and feel meant spending hours of learning html and css codes, and I don’t even want to talk about changing the look and feel if you’re your uploading html pages.

Ken has been defending SBI’s weaknesses against WordPress for years and I had the feeling the he may never recognize WordPress’ very powerful potential as a CMS and an online publishing platform.

But, WordPress is just so easy to use that everyone would prefer to start off with it… but there’s one problem, wordpress, doesn’t come with a step by step online business tutorial. There are a lot of third party “make money online with WordPress guides” but nothing comes close with the instructions and tools that Sitesell has!

Both of these online business building platforms has their pros and cons that’s why there are a lot of articles and blog posts comparing one from the other, but doing so, really is like comparing apples to tomatoes.

Finally, Sitesell launched BizExpress, which is a WordPress plugin that injects all the benefits that you’ll get when using the SiteBuildIt! platform. With this integration, you as a publisher / online business builder will enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

This marriage will increase the likelihood of success for anyone trying to build a lucrative online business that will provide passive income for years to come.

With BizExpress, it’s no longer WordPress or SBI! but WordPress with SBI! :)

Check out BizExpress here.

Why Downsizing Your Email List Will Improve Your Productivity

Like anyone else who owns an email account, you’re probably bombarded by promotional emails disguised as “newsletters” everyday. From GRQ (get rich quick) offers to viagra online – heck, you may be receiving at least 50 emails you never care to read everyday.

Do you have to squander on a pile of email messages to find the mail you’re interested in? Chances are, you’re losing at least 30 minutes of your time just to even open up the mail you’re interested with.

If you’ve started ignoring the newsletters or email lists you’re subscribed to or if you never even read a single message from a certain newsletter, perhaps it’s time to do yourself a favor by unsubscribing to email lists that are nothing but time wasters as they only clog your inbox without really delivering real value to you.

I personally am subscribed to a lot of different email lists, most of which I don’t even remember signing up for. The web of course if filled with people and companies who are in the business of selling our information so if you’re wondering how some self-proclaimed guru got into your inbox without your “permission”, it could only mean two things. You either subscribed to his list and forgot it or some dude you’re subscribed to shared your email for a monetary return.

As you know, subscribing is easier than unsubscribing, but fiddling through your inbox and manually unsubscribing to probably a hundred email subscription is a pain in the butt and will probably take you two weeks to accomplish your goal of a fresher, cleaner and stress free inbox.

Luckily you can automate bulk email unsubscribe process with It’s a free (as of this writing) batch email unsubscribe software that will clean up your inbox and eliminate all unwanted email subscriptions in a snap.

What it does is sift through your inbox and returns a list of all your email subscriptions. As you can see, I’ve got 192 subscriptions. Imagine having to squander through my inbox to manually unsubscribe from all these good email newsletters I’m subscribed too.

After finding all the newsletters, it will present you with a list from where you can unsubscribe with one click as below.

If you’re not sure that you want to unsubscribe from a certain email list, you have to option to keep it or roll it up to so it frees up your inbox anyway.

Basically, that’s the fastest way to a cleaner inbox!

And now that you have a cleaner, clogged-free inbox, email checking will be a breeze – no more squandering!

Another way you can increase your productivity is to organize your emails by tagging them, this way, you don’t have to search every time you need to go back to a certain email.

Tag your inbox by sender so all your communication with a certain person or company are organized in one folder which makes them easy to find, which you know is a time saver :)

7 Secrets To Writing Quality Content That Stands Out on the Web

When it comes to writing quality web content articles, there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider as an online marketer, blogger or publisher.

Just like any business, your success as an online business owner depends on your work ethic and the value you aim to deliver to your audience.

People visit our websites or blogs not to read generic content they could find on Wikipedia but because of the unique view and user experience we inject in our subject.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the “secrets” you can add on your writing arsenal and implement each time you’re crafting articles for publishing.


To start off, I hope that the phrase “content is KING” is no stranger to you. Quality content is the engine that drives the web – Search engines and human readers alike appreciate great content.

I’m sure that the above statement is something that you’ve heard before, but what is quality content really?

Back in the days when the search engines weren’t so smart… internet marketers and webmasters can get away with just about any content  and rank on top of the searches by simply stuffing in their target keywords.

Of course, those types of content aren’t something you would associate with quality. Quality content is focused on over-delivering value, it’s about sharing knowledge, focused on user-experience.

Quality content is a cliche we hear (read) from all those gurus but for me, quality content is simply content that adds value to your human readers; if you can’t deliver this type of content then you’re in luck trying to rank your blog or site.

Over-delivering high quality content is the most important factor in writing content that stands out on search engines and builds your loyal following.

Below are a few pointers to help make your quality content stand out even more on the internet…

  1. Write Interest Grabbing Title – When a person browses  a search results, an article’s title always acts as the deciding factor as to whether or not that person will click through your article. It acts as a searcher’s doorway into your blog or website. If your article is keyword focused, it’s a good practice to always include your target keywords within your title to help the search engines determine what your article or website is about so they can rank your article accordingly on the searches. However, your title must be magnetic enough to grab your potential visitors’ attention into your website. This is called search engine conversion.
  2. Focus on Your Topic – Always remember that the reason a searcher clicks through into your web content is that they’re looking for information about a certain topic  that they thought you were talking about in your article. Staying on track and giving her relevant information adds up to a great user experience and seeds “word of mouth”.When writing about something, most writers fail into the rambling trap. We tend to write about so many other different things that can be discussed in an entirely different blog post.
  3. Think Value – Avoid trying to just get over your article so you can publish it to the world. Add value and give your best to each article that your write. Add your personality – better yet, add your own experiences and just write it out as if you’re talking to a friend face to face or over the phone. The web is an informal form of communication but please do observe basic grammar rules to make it easy for your readers to grasp your thoughts.Anyone with grade 12 English writing skill can craft interesting and high quality content that will rock the web! Focus on adding value by sharing your ideas or experiences and you’ll be able to deliver quality content that will stand out on the searches and your readers.
  4. Search Optimize Your Web Content – People search the internet using keywords. Proper keyword research determines the exact words your target audience use when searching for a topic you’re planning to write.Now that you know what keywords to write about, make it a point that you write your article with SEO in mind but don’t forget that ultimately, you’re writing your content for human readers. Mention your keywords on your post’s title and subtitles and sprinkle them over your article without sounding unnatural.Deep link into that specific article. Off page SEO helps Google rank your article higher – meaning, the more websites linking to your article means it could probably be that interesting that people link to it.

    This part is challenging as no one wants to build backlinks that’s why you have to write high quality interesting content so people would naturally link to your articles.

  5. Simplicity Is Beauty – If you’re highly educated, try not to sound PHD-ish when writing your blog post. Keep it simple, make it easy to understand by using words that 90% of your target audience will be able to understand with one read.In other words, write to communicate. Not to impress – people already know that you’re smart and a great writer; don’t pus it! ;)
  6. Research Your Topic – Unless you’re a walking encyclopedia, you may not have the monopoly of knowledge (as everyone else), researching your topics helps you deliver more insights on your content. It also helps you organize your thoughts better and generally give your reader more value than if you just try to write it from what you have off your head.A well researched article will definitely be more interesting than a run-off the mill, 30 minute article that you paid $10 for.
  7. Make it Interesting – In any case, never sound like Wikipedia. Inject your personality as that’s what will make your content more unique. Scholarly writing are for academic books. The web is for people searching from the comforts of their homes (usually in their jammies or boxers) and may not have the patience, nor time for a long, boring, and character-less article on “yeast infection.”

Hope these pointers will help you in crafting higher quality and more interesting articles that will stand out on the search engines to further help you build your raving fans online.

Social Bookmarking For SEO

Social bookmarking companies charge hundreds of dollars for social bookmarking services which arguably seems like a simple do it yourself task.

If it’s a DIY project, why do you think people pay companies to do it for them? For one, most internet marketers would rather write content than do the mind numbing off-page SEO stuff – but this mind-numbing SEO stuff does help in pushing up a website on top of the search engine rankings which will benefit the website owner for years to come.

BUT, if you’re someone who’s just starting out with a blog or a niche website, you may not have the budget to have the “experts” do it for you so the simple solution is.. to do it yourself!

Most newbie online marketers and bloggers fail to implement social bookmarking as part of their SEO strategies because of the following reasons:

  • They never heard of social bookmarking.
  • They don’t know how to do it and don’t have the budget to pay someone else to do it for them.
  • They think that link building and social bookmarking is a complete waste of time.
  • They don’t think social bookmarks will benefit their blog.

So, What Is Social Bookmarking?

The idea behind social bookmarking is that it allows internet users to bookmark websites and pages of interest so that they can access it from anywhere as long as they’re connected to the internet.

Why Social Bookmarking Websites Were Created?

Years ago, the only way we can bookmark articles and websites off the internet is from within our browsers’ “Bookmarks” tab so we can have access to them without having to Google them again.

The problem with this function is that it limits us from within the boundaries of the computers where we bookmarked our stuff and if we’re using someone else’s computer, we won’t have access to the “saved” information – we have to Google that information again and sift through the haystack.

Now, with the help of these social bookmarking websites, we can bookmark anything, anywhere we want and access them from any computer in the world (internet connection required!).

Why Social Bookmarking Helps SEO?

Each bookmark to a website, a web page or a blog post is considered to be a valid blog post by the search engines and if you haven’t been living under a rock in the last 10 years, you’d know that backlinks are great for SEO.

And, just in case you’ve been living under a rock… here’s a proof that will change your mind about the power of backlinks:

Lauch Google and search for “click here”, without the quotes.

Don’t scroll down, don’t collect $200… just do the search or better yet “click here” to see the search results, promise me you’ll be back!

What’s the number 1 ranked website for the term “click here”?

Drum roll pleeeaaaase!

The number 1 ranked website for the term “click here” is the Adobe Reader download page. Mind you, not one mention of the phrase “click here” is found on the website but millions of other websites linked to this page with the keyphrase “click here”.

That’s the power backlink at work!

How To Do Social Bookmarking for SEO

There are two ways you can do social bookmarking to help boost your blog’s ranking on the internet. One is by manual submission and the other is through content aggregation. By content aggregation, I don’t refer to social bookmarking software that blasts hundreds of thousands of social bookmarks all pointing to your blog’s homepage in one run, I’ll talk about social bookmarking content aggregation in awhile but first I want to talk about the manual social bookmarking process that will help boost your website’s rankings.

The first step in doing social bookmarks for SEO is to make a list of social bookmarking websites that you’re going to be submitting your blog posts to and below is the top 10 social bookmarking websites you want your blog posts on.

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites

  1. Pinterest
  2. Twitter
  3. Reddit
  4. Buzzfeed
  5. StumbleUpon
  6. Digg
  7. Delicious
  8. BizSugar
  9. DZone
  10. Diigo

Submitting social bookmarks is easy. As mentioned, the first thing you’ll need is an account for every social bookmarking website you want your blog posts or pages on.

Once you have an account with each, you can either click on “submit a page”, “bookmark”, “submit bookmark”, “add news”, etc from within your control panel. Each bookmarking website differs but the idea is the same. Aside from submitting the URL you want to bookmark, most would allow you to write a blurb about what you’re bookmarking as it may be seen by others of the same interest from within the social bookmarking network.

Don’t rush when submitting bookmarks, try to fill in every field for each of these websites, the more information you share, the better chances of your bookmarks going viral which means that you don’t only get a link but exposure as well to the website’s followers which is a bonus from the link juice you’re getting.

So that’s it for manual social bookmarking, start with the 10 above but keep adding your list of quality social bookmarking websites.

Social Bookmarking Option 2

social bookmarking for seoA more efficient social bookmarking option is, as mentioned above, content aggregation. For this to work, you must subscribe to an automated social bookmarking automation software like ONLYWIRE.

What OnlyWire does is aggregate your content to up to 50 social bookmarking websites every time you publish content on the web. So instead of you submitting each content to a lot of different social bookmarking websites, OnlyWire does this for you each time.

The only drawback is that you have to open up an account with each of the social bookmarking websites in the OnlyWire network. This is work, but you’ll only do this once and once you have everything setup with Only Wire – it takes care of everything for you.

What OnlyWire does is help you post and link to your content to up to 50 social bookmarking websites on the internet. It costs roughly $12 a month but it’s going to be all worth it.

Once you’ve set-up all the 50 social bookmarking websites on OnlyWire, you just keep on writing and publishing content, confident that OnlyWire is taking care of the mind numbing task of submitting you posts to different social bookmarking websites.

Top 6 Important WordPress SEO Strategies

While it’s true that WordPress is the best content management system for bloggers and niche website publishers; it’s not as search engine optimized as most people think right off the bat. There are important WordPress SEO strategies to implement and they are as follows:

1. Duplicate Content (Canonical) – this is an issue with any other content management system, website publishing platforms or even html website so it’s safe to say that duplicate content isn’t a WordPress issue. You might think that all your content are unique and even swear that you’re not plagiarizing someone else’s articles BUT Google sees the www and non-www version of your WordPress site differently hence if your website loads on both the www and non-www versions of your website, you have a problem with duplicate content.

Let alone, search engines will be forced to serve different versions of your website, which to them are all different websites. This tremendously affects your ranking as these different versions confuses Google as to what version to prioritize.

So your job is to choose between the www and the non-www version of your website and let the search engines know that this is your preferred version and you want all the traffic, link juice and ranking to this version of your website.

The solution is something called “canonicalization”, which is the process of choosing a preferred URL through a canonical 301 redirect and by doing so, your website would only load with one version of the URL and other versions will be redirected to your chosen URL.

Here’s how to define canonical URLS in WordPress:

  1. First, you’ll have to tell WordPress how to serve your website which could either be or simply, To do this, go to Settings >General, then change the URLs on the “WordPress Address” and “Site Address” fields. Save changes.Wordpress Canonical URL
  2. Keyword Research - Though a lot of bloggers and website publishers don’t want the hassles of researching keywords, it’s very important to write about the words your potential readers want to read and clearly, you won’t know what they want if you’re not doing keyword research.
  3. Proper Use of Categories And Tags – Google is against excessive use of categories and tags so don’t overuse them but by all means use your tags and categories; they help search engines determine what your write-ups are about and by saying that, it wouldn’t hurt to use your keywords on tags and categories, just don’t keyword blast your tags and categories.
  4. Speed Up Your WordPress Site – People wants everything fast, nowadays and the average load speed shouldn’t go over 30 seconds. WordPress site speed starts with choosing the right theme or framework. There are a lot of beautiful themes out there but a lot of them are way too slow. Thesis and Genesis are great platforms for speed and SEO. Click here for more on speeding up a WordPress site.
  5. Concentrate on Delivering Value to the Web and Your Visitors – In every article you write, concentrate on delivering value. I realized that business isn’t about selling, it’s about building trust and confidence through great, valuable and useful content. Make it a point to ask yourself if whether or not you’re delivering value with whatever it is you’re sharing to your readers. Not all marketers will agree with this as most are driven by overnight riches online. Here’s what I found, you can’t build a high-trafficked, content-filled website overnight – Rome wasn’t built in a day! In the early days of your site/blog, don’t expect to make money right away, just build content – your site’s foundation, pile content after content and understand the fact that you’re in for the long haul. The more content you have, the more chances of ranking for a lot of keywords. It’s just like boxing or mixed martial arts, the more punches and kicks you throw, the more chances of eliminating your opponent.
  6. Images & Videos – Images and videos are content too! If you think you can speak in front of a camera, then there’s a side benefit to it by driving traffic from YouTube. For images, always use alt tags and optimize them with your keywords, one keyword per image is enough, just to properly describe your image.
  7. Use SEO Plugins – Two popular options are SEO by Yoast and WordPress All in One SEO. I like WordPress SEO better but it’s my preference. You can experiment with each of them and settle with one that address your needs.



How To Create A 301 Redirect On WordPress

What puts people off with publishing their own websites or growing an online business is the geeky stuff behind it and if you’re not a programmer; the thoughts of having to wrestle with lines of codes for a specific function is simply a pain in the b*tt!

One of the most important function that any website needs  is a 301 redirect which is considered as a permanent redirect. Google suggest that you use 301 redirect if you’re changing domain names, page URL or deleting pages to avoid broken links which is bad for SEO and because it doesn’t lose as much of your page’s page rank as does other redirects.

If you’re not using WordPress or even if you do, the more complicated (common) way of doing this is by going in and pasting a 301 redirect code but if you know squat about coding, the simplest solution is Eggplant 301 Redirects which you can download and install for free on your WordPress site.

301 redirect WordPress

So, just like any other plug-in; you can simply go to the plugins tag on your WordPress backend, and click “Add New”.

Wordpress Plugins Tab


You either upload the Eggplant 301 redirect plugin (if you downloaded it from the link above) or search the plugin as below:

install wordpress 301 redirect plugin

On the next page, simply click on “Install Now”.

eggplant 301 redirect plugin

Once installed, activate the plugin and you should be good with redirecting whatever page you please.

Create A 301 Redirect With WordPress

To create a 301 redirect with Eggplant, just go to Settings > EPS 301 Redirects then just put in the URLs of the pages involved.

301 Redirect

Click “Save Changes”. Do this every time you need to change a a page’s url or completely replace it with a new one.

System Care Antivirus Scam – Beware!

Your PC may have been haunted by the System Care Antivirus pop-ups saying that your system is infected and such that every time you try to load a program, it prompts you that the program you’re attempting to load is infected, you click on the notification and it runs a scan of your system (or it appears) but then the fact of the matter is that this software is a bug in itself designed to take advantage fearing for the lives of their computers.

So just before you get that credit card punched in on System Care Antivirus’ order page, STOP! Please don’t allow yourself to go into a deeper trouble. First, your system works perfectly okay before System Care Antivirus was able to get into your computer so if there’s any virus on it right now, it could probably only System Care itself!

It’s scaring the hell out of you telling your that all your software applications are infected and that your PC must be cleaned up using this rogue antivirus. Don’t buy this software as it’s designed to siphon your hard earned cash!

I’ve written a step by step procedure on how to remove System Care Antivirus off your system and it’s easy that a third grader can do it! Trust me, it isn’t that complicated and you need not spend $199 for an anti-virus software.

The reason why I’m telling you not to buy this software is because you don’t have to! This is a FAKE anti-virus software capitalizing on people’s fear of losing valuable data on their systems.

Entering your credit card information on System Care Antivirus’ order page cost you more than the initial price of the software as they can charge you additional fees without you knowing it as obviously the people behind this software are scam taking advantage of less savvy computer users.

I highly recommend you follow my System Care Antivirus removal guide as it could save you tons of headaches and cash in dealing with scam software like this.

To avoid data loss in case of real virus infections or PC malfunction; protect yourself by backing up your PC with a cloud-based back up solution.

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