How I Spent $354 on YT Explosion Code from My Paypal Account Without Even Knowing It

At around 2:00 am on June 9th, after all the preparations for our long drive to Minneapolis, we’re just about ready to sleep. Our little one’s already tucked in comfortably in bed but I found my mind wasn’t just ready for a good night’s sleep and I found myself turning from side to side so I decided, instead to make some reading online.

First thing I did was to log-on to my email to read some of the newslettters I’m subscribed in. Upon sigining in, I immediately noticed the Paypal payment confirmation for $77.00. First I thought that it was for vg.82m06.001 Acer Video Card that I purchased off AliExpress but I realized that I didn’t use Paypal for that transaction as there was no option to pay with Paypal on the AliExpress website.

Two Paypal confirmation Inside!
Two Paypal confirmation Inside!

Normally, I would have just scrolled down passed it, thinking that it’s just one of the purchases I’ve spent on but since I didn’t recognize the transaction, I clicked on the email was HACKED!

It turned out that someone did me a good favor of purchasing Angela Long’s YT Explosion Code without my knowledge. What puzzled me is the fact that my email address was used for the login credentials, so in effect, the login details for the course (both basic and Upgrade) was emailed to me.

This means that the person who purchased the product using my Paypal account, either has access to my email account or didn’t need the product.

I knew that the person had access to my Paypal account so before he burns all my funds and max out my credit card, I had to restrict the person’s access by changing my log-in credentials, all security questions and my phone pin.

Was Paypal compromised by the HeartBleed bug? I don’t know, but it was definitely time for a stronger, impossible to crack password that if I forget, I won’t even remember! Heck, I don’t even remember it right now… lol!

Paypal said they were investigating the case and I haven’t checked on it yet as I’m afraid to log on to any of my financial accounts using public networks.That would have to wait, ’till we’re back home – I’m currently writing this post from Country Inns & Suites using their complimentary Wifi as we’re currently exploring Minneapolis, Minnesotta this week.

I was afraid that the person must have already changed my log-in credentials and that I wouldn’t be able to go back in. Luckily the person didn’t go that far. I’m sure he/she would have signed on my account to complete the transaction but it’s going to be more of a challenge to go that route since he/she would have to verify either my complete credit card #s or my bank account #s.

Whew!! that was a freakin’ scare…

Inside my Paypal Account, here’s how it looked!

First Transaction: YT Explosion Code Basic


Second Transaction: YT Explosion Code Upgrade


I’m sure, I haven’t originated this transactions as it was my first time to read/hear about YT Explosion Code and I was not interested whatsoever with the product so I emailed Angela Long, the product creator after I filed a fraud claim on Paypal. Below is a snapshot of the email I sent her…


JVZoo, is the Associate Network from which the product is sold. I didn’t get to the point of contacting JVZoo as Angela was nice enough to respond to my email within 20 minutes. ytexplosioncode-4-mondesiderio

It turns out, that who ever hacked in to my Paypal account was an affiliate marketer who wasn’t really interested with the product… he just needed the sales to make commissions off it. How the person got hold of my (and many others’) log-in credentials for Paypal is yet to be determined by Paypal but yes, this is alarming!


I’ve started writing this post the morning after we arrived Minneapolis but due to our itinerary, I wasn’t able to finish this off in one sitting, so I’m finishing this off at home today, four days after I started it.

Yesterday, I got an email from Paypal that they’ve decided on my favor and I was refunded the full amount. Hopefully, they did the same to the other victims and hopefully Angela will be able to recoupe the commissions she paid her rogue affiliate, the person could have made hundreds of thousands in one day by compromising other people’s Paypal account.

If you were a victim of this YT Explosion Code scam, and didn’t know how to file a claim, you can do it from inside your Paypal account under “disputes”.

I haven’t explored YT Explosion Code but I think it’s a genuine product. Angela made all the efforts to address these scam transactions, which would help her build her reputation and relationships with all those who fell victim of this YT Explosion Code / Paypal scam.

YT Explosion Code is a video marketing course that teaches you how to effectively utilize video marketing strategies to promote yourself, your brand, website, products or services online on YouTube and Google search results.